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DJUST ecommerce B2B
DJUST ecommerce B2B
DJUST ecommerce B2B
DJUST ecommerce B2B
DJUST ecommerce B2B

Grow your business
from one place

ecommerce B2B DJUST
B2B eCommerce

Make online buying easy for your customers

DJUST marketplace B2B

Increase your revenue with 3rd party suppliers


Simplify your procurement process for buyers and employees

Sales automation

Increase productivity and revenue with real time and accurate insights

Customer Story

Group Socoda

Digitalisation and innovation is at the heart of Group Socoda who co-created a B2B scalable Commerce platform for all adherents with DJUST. 

Read The Group Socoda Story

Customer Story


With the DJUST B2B Commerce solution, deSter is building a large B2B commerce platform to scale, grow and automise their business.

Read The deSter Story

Global B2B customers are changing.
Are you?

With the new wave of millennials entering the global workforce and the adoption of digital technologies for personal use, the new B2B buyers’ expectations have changed. They have sky-high expectations when it comes to interacting and purchasing with brands and businesses online. They expect excellent digital experiences across all purchase interactions.

Time to change legacy systems

A software for B2B commerce should be easy to install and evolve as your business grows. You don’t need multiple developers to build and run your B2B commerce.

The time is now for your business to evolve and adapt to changing customer expectations.

Amaze your customers
They expect it

Powerful search engine

Find products easily and browse catalog

Personnalised catalog and pricing

Customer custom catalog and pricing

B2B out of the box

Quotation, bid management, re-order and much more

Unified checkout

Multi-vendor, multi-shipping

Order validation and tracking

View, validate and track orders from your online account

The power behind smooth B2B experiences

Headless eCommerce

Forget development, define and configure your unique business rules

Modular platform

Shape and modify datamodel in 1 click

Dashboard and KPI’s

Monitor your business thanks to your dashboard and hundreds of KPIs

API driven

Connect with 3rd party applications

Robust technology

Rock solid technology enabling you to grow and scale your business

Flexible &
All B2B
Security &

Partners in your new journey

Your success is our success. We prioritise collaboration and transparency to achieve the best solution and results for you. Our team of technical and functional experts will guide you during the implementation phase to the run phase.

Business consulting

Project management

Technical integration

Functional expertise

Business delegation

Business consulting
Project management
Technical integration
Business expertise
Operational delegation

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