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Catalog Management

Products are the core of every eCommerce store!

As you scale and grow your business, it can become more difficult to manage multiple products. From fixing discrepancies in the catalog to allowing for product descriptions in multiple languages, DJUST’s catalog management tools are designed to help you.

Catalog validation workflow
Multi-catalog store
Multilingual catalog
Catalog authorizations

Customer Management

Without your customers, your business wouldn’t exist today.

Ensure you're giving your customers the attention they need, whether you’re providing top-notch customer service or learning from customer data to help grow your business.

Customer classification
Customer roles and authorizations
Customer segmentation
Customer service

B2B Features

We know the importance of great B2B features to help everything run smoothly between retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and the end customer.

Quotation management
Fast order
Bid management
Invoicing management
Client messaging

Offer Management Features

With DJUST’s personalized and dynamic capabilities, you can customize everything in just a few clicks.

Manage your inventory, prices and channels as needed. Define and create price lists based on company account, customers or customer groups.

Inventory management
Pricing management
Channel management

Order Management Features

One of the most complex parts of an eCommerce site is the order management platform.

The DJUST team has crafted its order management tools with care so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Plus, we’ve made it easy to connect the payment options of your choice.

Validation workflow
Omni channel
Order tracking
Order API’s and payment connection

Stay in control with the DJUST dashboard

The back-end is just as important as the parts of your site that customers see. Perhaps even more so!

In order to run your business effectively, you need tools, analytics and functionalities that will help you stay in control of your online store. It should be easy to add products, manage inventory, accept payments, review the numbers, provide customer service and more.

When you use DJUST as a foundation to build your eCommerce store, you’re in luck : from the DJUST back-office cockpit, you’ll have control over everything you need to monitor your business. Manage your product catalog, see hundreds of key performance indicators (KPIs) all in one place, track your suppliers and orders, learn key information about your customers and so much more.

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