Feedback is a gift

Our methodology put customers feedbacks at the heart of our development strategy. The objective is to design and build the best solution together

Communication is key to understand your needs

Customer feedbacks and relationship highly matters for us.

That’s why we invite our customers to participate to our roadmap and feature design workshops, to make sure that we understand and fit your needs.

Always improving through continous delivery

Our objective is to always provide the best solution to our customer.

In order to respect this mindset, we implemented a process of continuous delivery, to offer the best technology at any time.

Agility at the heart of our methodology

Enjoy the modular, API driven architecture

The DJUST data model is highly flexible. Through the admin panel interface, you can customize your data model in just a few clicks, customizing all your business and technical configuration – including product, price, orders and more.

Questions about how we can help your business?

Our sales and support teams are available via phone and email.

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