Future of Food Trading: How FOODIA builds a sustainable B2B Portal

Customer story foodia

FOODIA is a global B2B portal that connects suppliers and buyers in the food industry in a responsible, transparent and efficient way.

The challenge

FOODIA was created with the mission of becoming a global leader in sustainable B2B food trading for suppliers and buyers. FOODIA needed the right platform, team and technology to carry out this major project.

With complex buying cycles, large orders and old habits in the food trading industry, FOODIA sought a simple, flexible solution that could bridge the gap between digital experiences and traditional ordering and trading methods.

The solution

By building the B2B portal on modular, headless technology, FOODIA is able to create an ultra-fast, adaptable environment between buyers and sellers.

This means that buyers can choose, compare and purchase multiple products in one place, with quick and easy checkout and a variety of payment solutions.

With a best of breed approach, FOODIA digitizes the food trade by offering an all-in-one approach including PSP, logistics solution and exchange rate.

“B2B Commerce is not the same as B2C. We chose DJUST for their B2B expertise and their capability of integrating all multiple B2B functions as added service value”

CEO, Foodia

Top key success factors

• Under 6 months to builds, integrate and lunch
• Deep partnership and co-creation between FOODIA & DJUST

Why DJUST for Foodia?

All ERP integrations

Full Integration in House

Ultra Flexible B2B Platform

“The people and the B2B platform are two factors that moved the needle for FOODIA”

CEO, Foodia

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