From manual to automation. How deSter is unlocking new growth with B2B Commerce

Customer story deSter

deSter is a leading provider of sustainable & innovative food packaging and service ware concepts to the food service and travel industry.

The challenge

To achieve growth with new revenue sources and higher efficiency internally, it was clear that deSter needed a much more modern approach to their business.

With changing customer behaviors and a growing number of smaller to medium sized businesses in demand, deSter could simply not keep up with their current business model with old legacy systems. They had siloed and time consuming ways of processing administrative tasks and orders.

With a long and new digital journey ahead, deSter needed a much more flexible and agile system for new businesses and internal processes. They also needed a B2B expert with an innovative approach to partner alongside them to launch their first B2B Commerce project.

The solution

The deSters ERP system is now supported by DJUST's B2B eCommerce platform, which streamlines all manual ordering and administrative tasks. In addition, the B2B eCommerce platform enables existing customers to discover complete product ranges with which they were previously unfamiliar.

The 100% headless SaaS solution allows deSter to take an agile, test-and-learn approach, enabling it to make the right decisions and gradually embark its customers and business on their digital journey.

To facilitate the project, DJUST provides the B2B platform and all back-end integration in-house. This means that deSter can concentrate on its core business, while DJUST takes care of the rest.

“ The DJUST B2B Commerce solution is able to connect to any ERP, and that was a huge differentiator for us as we’re currently working with an outdated system ”

Rémi Béranger
VP of Global Supply Chain, deSter

Top key success factors

deSter is able to offer a B2B eCommmerce platform with B2C like experience that helps different business segments to buy, find and access travel and food products in a frictionless way. With a nimble and modern B2B Commerce platform, deSter can host their current and future B2B eshops with new features as they see fit while streamlining all activities from internal and external channels.

Why DJUST for deSter?

All ERP integrations

Full integration in house

100% Headless

" No one on the market offers a B2B Commerce solution and the integration with the same team. Having one team to communicate with is a big factor for our efficiency and development "

Rémi Béranger
VP of Global Supply Chain, deSter

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