Winning the race with B2B eCommerce in Automotive


What role does B2B eCommerce play in the automotive industry? And what steps can your company take to win the race ?

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It’s time to shift gears

There are a number of stages involved in the Automotive B2B world, from the people who sell the cars to people who made the cars and all the way back to the people who sourced the original materials for the car in the first place. But one stage is of utmost importance - the supply and distribution of after-market parts.

The original sale of a vehicle makes up only a small percentage of that vehicle’s value to the B2B Automotive industry; most of the money which is spent on a vehicle is used to maintain the vehicle after it’s been sold. And as the average age of vehicles continues to rise across the globe, that means there’s even more maintenance to do.

That being said, Automotive aftercare isn’t just a case of replacing old parts. It includes the likes of warranties, insurance and MOTs. Rather than rushing into hasty decisions, the new generation of B2B buyers want to make informed purchases and at their own pace. Because aftercare is now too valuable to get wrong.

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