Rebuilding B2B eCommerce in Construction


What role does B2B eCommerce play in the construction? And how can you use it to give your brand a makeover?

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Don’t build eCommerce quickly. Build it better.

The B2B construction industry has long had a reputation for being slow to adopt digital transformation.

But, with the arrival of COVID-19 and a new generation of digital-first buyers entering the mix, more companies have realized the benefits that selling their goods and services online can bring.

However, in racing to adapt, construction eCommerce has grown too quickly, with many new sites leaving buyers frustrated instead of overjoyed.

Just like you wouldn’t start building a house without all the right foundations in place first, you shouldn’t build a B2B eCommerce platform without an effective blueprint in front of you.

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What steps your business can take to build a better B2B eCommerce platform
Key ingredients in a B2B eCommerce for construction industry
Specific steps you can take to overcome challenges with B2B eCommerce