The truth about B2B eCommerce in Food & Beverages

What role does B2B eCommerce play in the Food & Beverages industry? And what can you do to climb to the top of the food chain?

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Climbing to the top of the food chain

There’s a reason why the B2B Food & Beverages industry has been slow to adopt disruptive digital technologies like eCommerce, and it’s not because there isn’t an appetite for it. On the contrary. The perishable nature of goods in this industry means that it’s more open to a speed boost than most.

The problem is that this short time to market requires an accurate, seamless and rapid flow of products. And that’s exactly what B2B eCommerce can provide. The truth is that offering eCommerce and online self-service is no longer an option for B2B Food & Beverages companies.

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"The risk of not digitalising our B2B Commerce is to fall behind our competitors and not reach our growth targets"


“The advantage of a young company is the innovative and out of the box mindset. Established players and classical legacy platforms don’t offer the agility and flexibility we need to grow”

Henri Danzin, Sales & Marketing Director, Group SOCODA

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