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DJUST Expands to the US with Major Fashion Retailer Adore Me

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January 16, 2024

DJUST, an innovative unified B2B commerce platform accelerates growth in the United States by partnering with their first American client, Adore Me, (a subsidiary of Victoria’s Secret) to pilot the development of their wholesale operations in the US and across Europe.

DJUST is a unified B2B commerce platform, specially designed and developed to address the unique needs and complexities of B2B commerce. As a 100% headless SaaS solution, DJUST is designed to unify and digitalize all of the processes for businesses that market products to a network of professionals. After only 3 years of existence, they are the first French start-up to receive investment from notable American investment fund NEA (New Enterprise Associates) and have acquired the most prominent clients in the realms of Fashion, Food & Beverage, Construction, and Beauty. Their move to a more competitive market with a cutting-edge company like Adore Me was a natural progression after much success within their historical European market. 

Alexis Delplanque, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer at DJUST, is overjoyed at the prospect: "We are absolutely thrilled about this partnership with Adore Me. It is an excellent opportunity for us not only to solve more of the unique B2B challenges in the fashion world, but also to strengthen our relationship with one of the most innovative, inclusive, and sustainable companies in this industry. We are honored to begin on this journey of innovation together!” 

Thanks to DJUST, Adore Me will be able to simplify and centralize their relationships with their B2B clients, just as they have done successfully for B2C consumers. They aspire to consolidate all wholesale channels (department stores, distributors, small and medium businesses, marketplaces) on a single platform. This partnership will digitize and facilitate all end-to-end commercial relationships from order placement to managing a distribution network across the United States and potentially Europe.

The partnership with DJUST will include powerful features like a comprehensive order process that encompasses the complexities of B2B distribution networks, a tailor-made B2B customer experience, access and consolidation to all customer data via connection with internal information systems (ERP, PIM). Another key focus is using state-of-the-art technology - like generative AI - to streamline and expedite internal processes, like enhancing product data in product catalogs and improving customer experience. 

Romain Liot, Co-Founder and COO of Adore Me understands the importance of modernizing operations: “Diversifying into wholesale is a strategic imperative for us. It's essential to have an innovative platform that understands the challenges of B2B commerce. We share this vision with DJUST and are confident that this partnership will make our international development in Europe a success.”

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