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We believe that every business should be able to build, launch and run their business online with simplicity and scalability without constraints of high costs and an army of developers to make it happen.

DJUST what every company needs

the djust story

Arnaud Rihiant founded DJUST in 2020 after 10 years of helping clients launch B2B marketplaces with MIRAKL that he co-founded in 2012. None of the digital solutions and B2B eCommerce platforms gave clients the flexibility, agility and scalability they needed to be successful in an ever-changing environment. So, he built his own platform with his co-founders Alexis Delplanque and Eric Gaudin. Today leading companies across multiple industries use the DJUST solution to build, launch and run their B2B commerce activities with simplicity and efficiency.

Make B2B Commerce Easy For Everyone

our vision

Every business knows the future is digital. Not every business finds it easy to go from offline to online or to update existing and rigid legacy systems. We truly believe that businesses should have the independence to evolve, change and adapt to a volatile, digital-first market. That’s why we help businesses remove barriers to entry so that B2B  becomes easy for everyone – customers, buyers and employees.

Different perspectivesSame goal

our values

DJUST has grown from 3 people in an apartment to a team of over 30 B2B commerce experts who help large companies realize their B2B commerce ambitions faster and more efficiently. We foster a culture where everyone has a place at the table, whatever their background. At DJUST, everyone is different, and we encourage people to be the best version of themselves.

With a client-first approach, we care deeply about our impact as colleagues, consultants and experts.

Walk the talk

We do everything with deep care and pride for our clients and colleagues. When we make a commitment, we make it happen because we honor what we say. If things get crazy, we always find a solution fast.

Make it simple

We take the complexity out of B2B digital commerce. Creating simplicity for our clients and for our internal processes allow us to run faster and better with a clear vision for the future.

Your opinion matters

We are genuinely interested in everyone's opinion, because we believe that this is how we find the best solutions for our products and our customers.

Think outside the box

We encourage our people to see solutions from a new perspective. Unconventional thinking pushes for new, innovative and bold solutions for our clients. At DJUST, creativity and boldness allow us to think beyond the obvious.

Make a move for impact

career djust

We are always looking for new talents to join our growing team. Find out how you can help our clients and make a big impact on the future of B2B commerce and the world of SaaS.

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