B2B ecommerce platform

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B2B eCommerce platform

Make it easy for professional buyers

Professional buyers now expect the same seamless buying experience as B2C consumers.

Criteria such as search, price, stock availability, online order and account are key for B2B buyers. A simple platform offering those basic attributes was hard to find.

With DJUST, you can easily launch and start your business online. Get all the features you need right away! Out the Box, you’ll have access to all the B2B elements you need to meet your customers needs and grow your business. Just design and configure it to your liking and you’re all set!

Simplify B2B online commerce

Reach new customers
Grow your business
Simplify customers buying experience
Launch your B2B website faster
Leverage cloud commerce
Empower your customer relationships
Propose omnichannel customer experience

Discover the power of your future B2B commerce

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